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Pogradec, is one of the most preferable touristic centers of the country due to its position on the edge of Ohrid Lake, whose waters claim distinction for their cleanness. A beautiful beach runs along the shores. The excursion to the touristy site of Drilon makes rather amusing your stay in Pogradec. Both in Pogradec and Drilon, the tourists will have the chance to taste the delicious fresh fish Koran an endemic specimen founded only in Ohrid lake .

The comfort and the quality of service of the HOTELS and the delicieus food of the RESTAURANTS  makes your staying here more enjoyable and you'll never miss your home.

The Lake has a surface of 358 km2, it has an oval shape, with a regolar coastline. The beautiful and picturesque peninsula of Lin stretched into the lake. Because of its geographical position and hydrological condition, the lake is famous for its clear water lucidity up to 16m. Lakes level is very constant with vibration reaching up to 20-40cm.

The lake coast lyes from the picturesque village of Tushemisht to Lin, the coastline being 88km long. The lake is 695 m above the sea level. It has a tectonic origin and average depth is 145m. Its max depth reaches up to 289m. The water basin surface is 1042km2.

 Fauna is rich and diverse, including  the rabbit, fox, wolf, wild cat, brown bear, weasel, badger, wild pig and wild goat. Among fowls, we can mention hawk, wild turkey and the mountain grouse.

Spending  your holydays in Pogradec you can enjoy some of
Natural Recreation Amenities:

The 1maji, part of boulevard, along the beach, located in the eastern part of city.

Driloni is 5km away from the city. Between the freshnes of the trees and the chanels plenty with clearly water  there are many restaurants,where you can enjoy the traditional cooking of the fish Koran and other mediteranian specialities. The fish farm is 1km away in the place called Tushemisht.

The Lukova lakes provide a special beauty and opportunities for summer camping.

The Kabashi place is located in the middle of the chestnut wood, 3km away from the stone pit. You can breath fresh air and look at the waterfalls here

Or you can visit the  Archeologikal Sites

  • The 2400 years old monumental graves of Selca, of the III-IV century B.C, are located 40km away from the City of Pogradec.
  • The Mosaics of Lini since the time of emperor Justimin the emperors time of Rome.
  • The Castle of Pogradec .
  • The bridge of Golic.


  • The Monastery of Saint Thomas, an orthodox church in Lin of 200s.

  • The Saint Dhimitri is a small orthodox church in Potkozhan of year 1154.

  • The "Sant Marena"  an orthodox church rebuild in 1744.