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Miresevini ne faqen tone!
Mining industry:Under the surface ,the Distric of  Pogradec  is rich  with minerals .The most important are:

Iron nickel.The Guri i Kuq mine is 4 km away from the city. Its annual  producion is 350,000-550,000 tons of mineral.The raw mineral is exported 50-60%  to Checkoslovakia  and also to the city of Elbasan to be processed at the steel mill.

Chromium  is another important mineral. The known mineral reserves are limited, but ther are possibilities for further drilling exploration in the future. Today the mine produces 35,000-40,000 tons for year,having 20-44% Cr 203. It is all exported.

 Coal producion is 330-400 tons per year, the calorific power averaging2000-2600 cal/kg.70%-80% of the coal is exported, the rest is used for domestic purposes.The Distric of Pogradec is one of  the richest coal areas in Albania

 Wood industry: The District of  Pogradec  has large forest areas.The people have old traditions in wood furniture and family woods items productions.Forests covers 27,350 ha and the production  volume being  2,127,000m3.

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